• Bickerston Prior Cosmetic Clinic by invitation
  • Hill House Consulting Rooms, Spire Norwich Hospital, Norwich
  • 48 Harley Street, London
  • Norwich Cosmetic Clinic

The Bickerston Prior Cosmetic Clinics offer the latest techniques in ophthalmic and cosmetic surgery for the eyelids and mid-face. This is to improve the function and cosmetic appearance of the eyelids and rejuvenate the face. We have a great deal of experience in this area and have pioneered new techniques. We commonly deal with referrals for complications of the eyelid and mid-face operations.

Consultations and non-surgical facial rejuvenation is performed in well-equipped Bickerston Prior Clinics. Advanced aesthetic surgical procedures are performed in a dedicated cosmetic theatre in Spire Norwich Hospital in Norwich.

We are specialised in:

  • Surgical correction of droopy excess eyelid skin
  • Eyelid, eyebrow and mid-face lift
  • Non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures (Botox¬©, Non-animal Fillers for facial lines and wrinkles)
  • Treatment of eye diseases including advanced cataract surgery and squints

Driving directions
Spire Norwich Hospital Norwich is situated just off the A47 southern by-pass, close to the University of East Anglia and just three miles from the city centre. Norwich is 116 miles from London and London Stansted Airport is approximately 75 minutes by car.






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