What His Patients Say

My eyes look brilliant, I am delighted

I am not normally one to write reviews as one has different needs and expectations when surgery is involved. However as I have learnt the hard way I felt it important to share my knowledge.

Ten years ago at thirty-one I had lower eye surgery to remove eye bags. Unfortunately I had inherited them from my father. I was left with a droopy right lower lid which my surgeon advised was a risk to operate again and could not be rectified. I took him at his word and lived with it for years with it appearing worse to me as time went by.

Fourteen months ago after extensive searching on the internet (so I thought) I found a surgeon in London to rectify my droopy eye. He also advised to tidy up the left eye, also due to minor ageing. I was delighted.
Anyway to get to the point my surgery was disastrous. I was left with an ectropion on the right eye and a skin gather and dent below my left eye. I was more upset about my left eye because it was perfect before surgery. I was offered steroid injections by the surgeon and he said more surgery would make the situation worse if we tampered any further. I was distraught. I kept convincing myself that time is a healer and the result would improve. This was not the case.

In May this year 2014 I started a search for corrective surgery. I saw two oculoplastic surgeons who would not even attempt to rectify it. My husband at this stage, who is a GP, advised me to leave well alone. I agreed.

I then saw an article about an oculoplastic surgeon Mr Beigi who had appeared on “Good Morning” with a patient. He had rebuilt her eye after contracting a flesh eating disease from a garden bug. I made an appointment straight away. Mr Beigi said he would repair both eyes and advised me over the pros and cons. My eyes could not look any worse so I agreed. I believed he could do it. Mr Beigi was to the point. He did not fawn over me or tell me how fantastic I would look after surgery, like the previous surgeon did. This was a great start for me.

I had my surgery at the beginning of July in Mr Beigi’s Norwich Hospital. After surgery I kept dressings on my eyes for several hours and was slightly uncomfortable but with medication I felt fine. Because I had been through several surgeries before I suppose I was more immune to pain and knew what to expect. The following morning I left the hospital at 11 am with my sunglasses on and went into Norwich for a coffee. I then had a 3½ hour drive home and coped very well.

For a week later I was a bit sore and bruised but my sunglasses covered my wounds and I was still able to go out without anybody knowing. Over the weeks my eyes have looked better and better and my scars are diminishing fabulously. Mr Beigi cut into my crow’s feet so the scars blend in fabulously. I forgot to mention I had my upper lids done also but had no pain from them at all.

It is now the end of September and my eyes look brilliant. I am delighted. I had worn sunglasses for fourteen months solid as I have not had the confidence to show my eyes and I did not want the question “What’s happened to your eyes?” The only reason I am wearing sunglasses now is because we are having an “Indian Summer”.

I feel so confident now and look much younger. My husband is pleased I went against his wishes and I have now stopped complaining about my eyes twenty times a day. He says it was more like thirty!

I hope this review helps all who are looking to have eye surgery, whether for necessity or cosmetic reasons. Mr Beigi is the man to use and I know!